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Here are three poems I wrote.
MOTIVATION Devoted and determined, firm and steady So many do not think that I am ready I know what to say, I know what to do Now what I need is to carry through Say what you wish, wish what you say For strength and wisdom is what I pray Although the winds and waves will sway I've made up my mind, and I'm on my way The road is long, the path is narrow Small but signfificant, like a sparrow God will not let me out of His sight I will keep on walking in the light Pushing onward toward my goal Doing my best to play my role Thanking God for saving my soul Trusting that He'll make me whole FATHER OF LIFE I don't have to see you To know that you love me I don't have to touch you To know you make me free I don't have to be alone For I know that you are with me I don't have to be confused For with your light I see You are the reason I am alive I shall always belong to you You give my life a purpose You know everything I do Even when I slip and fall You love me just the same You give me everlasting hope And I shall praise your name I'LL BE THERE Sometimes when the voyage is dark When it seems like everyone has missed the mark When you're not sure just where you should go When the waves take you around high and low When the stars in the sky fail to shine When the worries of life cross the line When you feel sad and all alone When no one calls you on the phone When it seems like no one can understand When no one wants to hold your hand When your heart has a dark stain And you can't help but feel the pain Remember that I appreciate you That I'll stick with you through black and blue Know that I am a sincere friend Who will care for you until the end

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