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  Hi! My name is Peder Johnson and I am eighteen years old. I am a college student and 
I live in Illinois. I am a Christian and have devoted my life to serving God. My hobbies 
are music, computers, biking, making new friends, and church. My major is computer science. 
I just moved to Illinois last year. I was born in Portland, Oregon and I have lived in 
Washington State for most of my life. I was homeschooled for seven years and in my last 
two years of high school I participated in a program called Running Start. Running Start 
allowed me to receive high school credit for college classes. I graduated from high school 
and received a two year college degree in the same month! If you have any questions or 
comments for me then feel free to e-mail me.

Here is a survey about me:)

* Name: Peder Johnson 
* Screen name: locketmaker  
* Birthday: September 4th. 
* Age: 18 
* Height: 5'9" 
* Hair Color: dark brown 
* Is your hair long or short: short 
* Eye Color: hazel 
* City born in: Portland, OR 
* Location now: in my college dorm
* Siblings: Earl (older brother) 
* Do you have a job: no 
* What are you scared of?: failure
* Who's your role model: Jesus Christ
* Do you drive?: Yes, a 93 Chevrolet Cavileer
* Do you play any instruments? Yes, piano and guitar
* Have you ever done any drugs: No 
* Do you collect anything: I have lots of CDs 
* Worst Feeling in the world: Knowing you've failed God.
* Best feeling in the world: Serving God and helping others 
* Can you define love?: Caring more about how someone else feels than how you yourself feel.


* Day of the week: Saturday 
* Board Game: Chess
* Thing in your room: my bed or computer 
* Food: pizza. 
* Restaurant: Burger King 
* Cousin: Brandon
* CD: Joy Electric - Unelectric
* Movie: Back to the Future series
* Animal: cat
* Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip 
* Sport: Basketball 
* Where do you see yourself in ten years: As a computer progammer and hopefully married.
* What's your dream car: a delorian
* Dream house: big house
* Dream vacation: Australia

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