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The Mercer Boys on a Treasure Hunt.

        This is the third installment in the Mercer Boys series. The Mercer Boys are on summer vacation after their freshmen year at Woodcrest Military Academy. Don accidently breaks a window while playing baseball. When he goes to the house to apoligize and offer repairs, he finds his former history professor inside reading a letter. The professor shares the content of the letter. It turns out that his son has come across a legend of buried treasure. The Professor is invited to spend a vacation with his son in California. Upon hearing the Mercer Boys interest in the legend of the buried treasure, he invites them to come along.
        On their way to Sourthern California they stop in San Fransisco. The professor gets abducted by a ruthless man named Sacket, and the Mercer Boy's best friend Terry Mackson happens to be around and rescues the Professor. Terry decides to join the group on the trip. Unfortunately, Sacket follows them to their destination. Don, Jim, Terry, and the Professor's son soon start off searching for the treasure. However, the search is short lived because the Professor gets kidnapped. The young men go searching for him, but more trouble follows. Most of the action in the book is related to Sacket's devious schemes, and the boys have little time to search for the treasure.
        This book combines adventure and mystery in a clever way. Although the plot relies a bit too much on kidnapping, the constant action is likely to keep the reader's attention. The story does have touches of humor to keep things interesting. I highly reccomend this book for those who are fond of adventure.

Bright Harvest - A Christian Novel

        The future looks bright for Lanny Springer as he graduates from high school. He has a sweetheart that he plans to marry, a good athletic tenure, and a loving grandmother. As time goes on Lanny and his sweetheart have a conflict of interest. Lanny develops an interest in the new mill settlement on the outskirts of their small town. Dorellen does not want to have anything to do with the hard-working and rugged poor people in the settlement. Lanny volunteers to referee some basketball games at the settlement, and becomes popular with the kids. In the meantime, Dorellen gets ready for art school. She hopes to prepare for a more sophisticated life. Eventually Lanny gets a job offer at the settlement. He gets a better paying job offer in St. Louis at the same time. Dorellen insists that he should take the St. Louis job. Lanny takes some time to think about the delima. Should he go for the higher paying job that Dorellen wants him to take? Or should he continue his volunteer work at the mill settlement and take the job there? This decision will have a dramatic effect on his relationship with Dorellen, and his relationship with friends.
        This book is about standing up for what you believe in even when you have to suffer for it. Lanny and his friend Mary go through times because of their good decisions, but eventually reap the rewards for doing what is right. The story shows us that service to others is highly commendable. This book is an inspiring novel that is ideal for young people.

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